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Price: $265.00-$295.00

Pride Spectrum Gel

  • Code: PSPEC1616 - 16"x16"                               
  • Code: PSPEC1618 - 16"x18"                                                          
  • Code: PSPEC1816 - 18"x16"                                                  
  • Code: PSPEC18x18 - 18"x18"                                                   
  • Code: PSPEC18x20 - 18"x20"                                     
  • Code: PSPEC20x18 - 20"x18" 

Wrap and Lift Design uses shape and differing firmness to equally distribute weight throughout the femurs and properly lifts through these long flat bones transferring weight from the ischial tuberocitis and coccyx where breakdown tends to occur. The wrap design further equalizes pressure throughout the seated area.

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