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Price: $540.00

Matrx Vi Cushion

  • Code: PMMAVI1417 - 14"x17"
  • Code: PMMAVI1616 - 16"x16"                               
  • Code: PMMAVI1618 - 16"x18"                                                            
  • Code: PMMAVI1816 - 18"x16"                                              
  • Code: PMMAVI1818 - 18"x18"                                                            
  • Code: PMMAVI2016 - 20"x16"                               
  • Code: PMMAVI2018 - 20"x18"    
  • Code: PMMAVI2020 - 20"x20"                             
  • Code: PMMAVI2218 - 22"x18"

The Matrx-Vi cushions are designed to provide skin protection and positioning for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The unique 3 part foam construction targets skin protection to where it is needed most, and features improved stability, support and comfort.  

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Width 16" - 20"
Length 16" - 20"
Cushion Height (at leg trough) 5.7cm
Product Weight 3kg
Maximum User Weight 136kg
Includes (built-in drop base & hooks) Available with Base Only