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Price: $20.00 per week

J2 Cushion

  • Code: J2108 - 14"x16"
  • Code: J2105 - 16"x16"
  • Code: J2106 - 16"x18"
  • Code: J2117 - 17"x17"
  • Code: J2100 - 18"x16"
  • Code: J2101 - 18"x18"
  • Code: J2103 - 18"x20"
  • Code: J2118 - 20"x18"
  • Code: J2102 - 20"x20"

The Jay 2 Cushion is the industry leading adjustable fluid cushion, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs.

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