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Price: $2495.00

Evolution Supreme Standard

  • Code: RR-EVO-S-SD-IB

The foams are a visco elastic foam designed to distribute pressure over a larger area while allowing the natural alignment of the spine.

Utilising high grade visco elastic foams give the end user excellent pressure relieving qualities without compromising postural support.

The cover is a new carrflex material designed to give four way stretch which provides low resistance between the persons body and the visco elastic foams generating a very comfortable long term sitting environment with excellent pressure relieving qualities.
The Evolution chair has been designed as a low maintenance, user friendly chair with a large range of adjustable seating positions to suit almost any user. The drop side model allows for easy side patient transfers and carer access to patients.

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Seat depth 58cm
Seat width 48cm
Seat to floor height 65cm
Back rest height 80cm
Maximum user weight 145kg