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Product of the month


Incorporates a unique, patent-pending "swivel-slide" technology allowing easy 
access to the chair and to a table edge WITHOUT MOVING ITS LEGS.

The chair swings open to accommodate its user. It then SLOWLY turns to face
the table and GRADUALLY SLIDES FORWARD until the user is 150mm from the 
table edge. When the user wishes to exit the chair, a tab on the side of the seat is pulled 
and the seat GRADUALLY slides back from the table. Then, the seat turns away from the 
table and the user exits the chair. 

Come in to one of our two showrooms to have a look at our extensive range of chairs! 


This month’s nomination for our FLM Wall of Fame comes from Anthony Howard and we 
are happy to announce it is Dylan Alcott. Dylan is an Australian wheelchair basketballer, 
wheelchair tennis player and motivational speaker. 

Dylan was born with a tumor wrapped around his spinal cord which was operated on during 
the first few weeks of his life. The tumor was successfully cut out, however it left Alcott a paraplegic, 
leaving him a wheelchair user for the rest of his life.

Dylan has just taken out the Australian Open quad wheelchair title for a third straight year, winning 
the final in straight sets and has recently been nominated for Young Australian of the Year in 2018.


Fisher Lane Mobility will be closed on Monday the 6th of 
November due to the Melbourne cup long weekend. Business will
be back to normal on Tuesday the 7th of November.