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New Products

Accor Floorline Bed

Price: $2,295 - $3,295
Code: (Single) 6-AB-FB2-S 
(King Single) 6-AB-FB1-KS
The Floorline Bed reduces bed fall to a roll which aims to minimize injuries.
The bed also enables independent leg lifting which reduces carer requirements.
The bed has a mattress platform height of 7cm to avoid crushing of objects when lowering the bed.

 Peak Backrest Insert Supreme

Price: $95.00
Code: 3-PC-B-S
The Peak Backrest Insert Supreme is made from molded memory foam which is ideal
for lumbar support and pain relief.

Peak Backrest Insert Economy

Price: $60.00
Code: 3-PC-B-E
The Peak Backrest cushions add extra lumbar support to either chair you're sitting in,
whether it be your wheelchair or car seat.


The Accessible Kitchen Garden provides practical wheelchair access to an 
authentic garden whilst empowering people with spinal cord injuries to independently 
cook in the kitchen. 

FLM are proudly supporting this project and encourage you to do the same! 
This can be in the form of a monetary donation, donation of gardening goods or 
showing your support via their Instagram page.

This initiative was conceived by one of the Allied Health team at Royal Talbot and provides an 
environment for wheelchair users to work outdoors planting and nurturing a sustainable garden.
We will be continuing to support this project throughout the year. 


This month’s nomination for our FLM Wall of Fame comes from our team member Craig Williams and we
are happy to announce it is Kurt Fearnley.

Kurt, who is an Australian Wheelchair racers has won gold medals at the Paralympic Games and 'crawled'
the Kokoda Track. Kurt was born with Sacral Agenesis, meaning he is missing certain parts of his lower spine
and sacrum.

Following the winning of gold at the 2004 games, Kurt conquered the world, winning seven world
championships and more than 20 marathons around the globe, including 10 marathons in 2007 and three straight
New York marathon titles.

Congratulations to a very worthy nominee, Kurt Fearnley. You inspire us!