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07 Sep November Newsletter 2016
12three 0 846
Product of the MonthEllipse Superlite RollatorThe new Ellipse SuperLite is a sleek, ultra-light rollator made from Carbon fibre. It has a side-to-side..
07 Sep December Newsletter 2016
12three 0 695
Products of the MonthPeakcare 2 in 1 Travel PillowThe 2 in 1 Travel Pillow is filled with plastic beans with a shape that can be changed from tube lik..
07 Sep January Newsletter 2017
12three 0 694
January NewsletterProduct of the MonthSleep Systems IC-333 BedThe Sleep Systems are adjustable beds that can tilt.They are electrically operated and a..
07 Sep February Newsletter 2017
12three 0 736
Products of the MonthInvacare Pegasus 4 wheelThe Invacare Pegasus is equipped with multiple features to ensure asafe and easy ride. Combining ergonomi..
07 Sep March Newsletter 2017
12three 0 867
Product of the MonthFusion High Back ChairThe Fusion High Back chair is a multi-layered seat and back, shaped for comfort and support. This chair is i..
07 Sep April Newsletter 2017
12three 1 992
Products of the MonthTubalco Self Propelled Shower CommodeRehab Shower Commode Chairs - Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the disc..
07 Sep May Newsletter 2017
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May Newsletter 2017Products of the MonthPegasus MetroThe Pegasus's suspension system has been designed to navigate avariety of everyday surfaces and t..
07 Sep June Newsletter 2017
12three 0 703
Products of the MonthSuper PoleThis vertical grab bar can be easily installed between any floor and ceiling by simply turning a screw. The pressure cr..
07 Sep September Newsletter 2017
12three 2 775
September Newsletter 2017Product of the MonthEllipse Super Lite Small RollatorWe are proud to announce the newest addition to our Ellipse SuperLite Ro..
07 Sep October Newsletter 2017
12three 0 782
Products of the MonthThe Studio Dual Motor Recliner Lift ChairSRP $2,495The Studio offers you premium comfort with the unique feature of fourindividua..
07 Sep November Newsletter 2017
12three 0 766
Product of the monthTHE REVOLUTION CHAIR  Incorporates a unique, patent-pending "swivel-slide" technology allowing easy access to the chair and to a t..
07 Sep December Newsletter 2017
12three 0 742
NEW PRODUCTSThe Merits 745 ScooterSRP $2895The 745 Merits Scooter has a stylish eye catching design with attractive modern colour range to suit the us..
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