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Roho Cushions

By using adjustable interconnected air-filled cells the LTV cushion will redistribute your body weight to minimize pressure. Take it anywhere! Lightweight design and air valve make it easy to fold and carry your LTV from car to office to stadium to plane - anywhere your busy life takes you! Heigh..
The MOSAIC cushion has been designed to provide a comfortable, functional and stable sitting environment for patients who are at risk for skin breakdown or who have a history of skin breakdown. This adjustable, easy to use cushion features interconnected air cells that are easy to set up, inflate an..
The Acta Embrace Backrest has been designed with aluminum stays on the backside of the two layer foam pad that can be molded to support lumbar, scoliosis and kyphosis needs.The Aluminum stays are offset from the center of the cushion, removing pressure points from the spine...
The Embrace Anti-Thrust cushion provides anterior pelvic build-up to prevent forward migration...
The Acta Relief Backrest has been designed with adjustable straps that allow the user to offset the center of pressure and better remove pressure points from the spine. This allows for a more aggressive molding to each individual patient's natural anatomy to support many seating positions rangi..
The M2 Anti-Thrust cushion provides anterior pelvic build-up to prevent forward migration...
$526.00 - $595.00
The Permobil Ergo Air features an optional ROHO insert for added comfort, support, and skin protection. The cushion combines the shape matching ability of the ROHO Dry Floatation technology with Permobil's ergonomic design. The improved cushion design enhances the already revolutionary Corpus 3G sea..
The self-contained air cells in the ADAPTOR Pad can be used as an interface on virtually any flat or contoured surface to protect skin and soft tissues. The Adaptor is especially useful when cut to fit various surface shapes such as sides of wheelchairs, trays, head and foot rests, inside of he..
The Contour Select Cushion provides the skin protection, with the positioning and stability needed for increased function. The contoured design combined with the simple operation provides a new level of postural control and stability that has never been achieved in an air cushion. The contoured..
The Roho Enhancer cushion has a unique combination of high(4”), mid(3”) and low(2”) profile cells in the one cushion centre the user and position the pelvis back in the wheelchair providing greater lateral stability through channeling of the legs. It's two-valve system allows the user to (1) adjust ..
The Roho Hybrid Elite wheelchair cushion combines the superb skin protection and shape matching ability of ROHO DRY FLOATATION with the stability of Jay base technology. The new cushion design allows for improved pelvic alignment and stability for improved position and function while maintaining opt..
The Roho Mosaic Cushion is designed to be a functional, comfortable and stable sitting environment which will aid in the prevention of skin breakdown. The cushion has interconnected air cells which can be inflated and adjusted to suit the individual user.  The Roho Mosaic Cushion is great for a..
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