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Toilet Seat Raisers

The Gel-Foam Toilet Seat Cushion provides comfort and pressure relief for the toilet seat. The foam base protects against bottoming out, and its horse shoe shape will fit to most toilets. It's held in place with removable velcro straps, and it is easy to clean with an anti bacterial cleaning product..
The Squatty Potty is an Ecco toilet stool that works perfectly for families of any size and is incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you appreciate the simple things in life, then this is your toilet stool. The Squatty Potty is a carefully designed toilet stool that puts you in exactly the correc..
The ability to manage toileting independently is important. These aids may make toileting safer and may lead to increased privacy in this very personal activity. A raised toilet seat placed over the toilet provides increased height, which makes getting down onto and up from the toilet easier. The se..
Toilet seat raiser with flip back arms, seat height adjustment 5cm-10cm-15cm with easy to flip back arms. The toilet seat is securely mounted to the toilet and comes with padded armrests. This Toilet seat Raiser with Arms has a weight capacity of 120kg...
The Throne Toilet Spacers are specifically designed to raise toilet seats. The spacer is supplied with longer bolts to secure the seat and spacer to the pan.The Spacers come in two sizes, 50mm and 80mm. They can be used with or without Throne rails.The Throne spacers allow normal use of the toi..
$150.00 - $160.00
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