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Toilet Surrounds

Toilet seat raiser with flip back arms, seat height adjustment 5cm-10cm-15cm with easy to flip back arms. The toilet seat is securely mounted to the toilet and comes with padded armrests. This Toilet seat Raiser with Arms has a weight capacity of 120kg...
The toilet frame system helps the user sit down and stand up from the toilet with ease. The system fits any toilet pan and is easy to install and clean...
The 3 in 1 Rail is designed for safety and comfort and benefits a range of users from the average build to the larger build persons. The rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed. This model has a weight loading of 130kg. The user is able to lower safely onto t..
The Children’s Step has been developed to assist children accessing the toilet with more independence, when used in conjunction with the Throne Toilet Rail.The Step is attached to the side brackets of the Rail, and can fold up against the front of the pan when not in use. The Step is height adjustab..
This Child's Standard Rail has been designed to fit infant toilet pans in pre-schools. (The infant toilet pan has a width of 30cm approx at the widest section of the pan). Restrainer straps used across the thighs are available to prevent falls...
The toilet surround has been designed to assist those that have difficulty using a standard toilet, this R&R Standard Toilet Surround sits around an existing toilet. It provides support to users while sitting or transferring, and the height and angle can be adjusted. Rubber tips on each leg p..
The Toilet Surround - Aluminium has been designed to assist a person who has difficulty using the toilet, the 3.2cm aluminium tubing makes it easier to grip and stand. The seat height is adjustable and the frame is made from anti-corrosive aluminium. The toilet surround frame is also available ..
$140.00 - $291.00
The Height Adjustable Toilet Surround features a powder coated steel toilet surround which provides extra support and safety when lowering and raising...
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