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Rollators Indoor

A versatile trolley that can be used with or without the trays or it can be used as a table. As the trolley has brakes, it can also be used as a walking aid. The Days adjustable trolley walker is supplied with a cream painted steel frame. Plastic clip on trays can easily be removed for cleaning. Han..
A lightweight, four wheel, mobile trolley with two trays and overall height adjustment. Suitable for adults. The height can be adjusted by a push button system on each leg...
The Peak Go Seat Cart has been designed ergonomically for comfortable use. The Go Seat converts to a seated position with just one touch of a button. The seat also has a removable nylon bag...
The Ellipse Indoor Walker comes standard with a lightweight aluminium frame with a height adjustable handle, padded handle, removable tray, a storage bag that is located under the tray and a one handed brake system with a locking clip. The Indoor Walker is easy to fold, making it easy to put away af..
The Indoor Walker is an entirely new and practical walking aid that will provide safety in and around the home. It is light, smooth, flexible and very easy to manage.Swedish Design - this is a high quality stylish device that is a joy to own...
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