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Recliner Lift Chairs Large

The Barwon features a three section back rest, offering excellent support to lower, middle and upper back. This is also adjustable to meet individual needs of comfort, and cater to conditions such as Scoliosis, Kyphosis and Arthritic conditions. The three position action allows for more versatility ..
$2,350.00 - $3,300.00
The Hudson Recliner Lift Chair comes standard with a two-roll back, with the top roll being designed to sit perfectly above the scapular to give excellent neck support. The bottom roll is a high quality foam that provides excellent back support. The Hudson comes with Velcro removable back cushio..
$2,350.00 - $3,200.00
Lateral support backrest 4 independent motors for positioning of the headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest . Two stage lift mechanism provides more vertical lift Lay flat chair design . Footrest extension for increased comfort . Lumbar support to accommodate sitting posture ...
$3,322.00 - $3,530.00
The Michelangelo has an individually adjustable head support allows you to lift or lower the position of the headrest even when the backrest is fully reclined providing a higher level of adjustment for your neck and back. The Individually adjustable lumbar support can assist in maintaining a prop..
The Configura Comfort has been designed to provide comfortable seating for users with mild to moderate postural requirements, to help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers and help to stand or sit users with limited mobility. The Configura has adjustable seat depth & leg rest length (T dep..
The LC107 is a mid-size, dual motor chair that offers exceptional value to the user. The chair allows independent control of the foot rest and back rest. The extra functionality is important for users who need to sit upright with their feet raised or sleep in the chair.  Other features include:..
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