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Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

The Karma Transit II HD is a light weight, durable and reliable manual wheelchair. The Transit II HD is the attendant propelled version of the Karma Eagle and offers and impressive range of standard features with an extensive selection of personal customising available. The Transit II whee..
$1,715.00 - $2,035.00
The Karma Eagle Heavy Duty  is a lightweight, durable and reliable manual wheelchair that is highly adjustable.The Karma Eagle Heavy Duty comes standard with a 160kg weight capacity with swing away and removable leg rests, swing back height adjustable armrests and quick release wheels. These ar..
$1,760.00 - $2,195.00
Robust, stylish and adjustable. The Karma Flexx is designed with plenty of adjustments to create flexible seating to suit individuals needs. With the ellipse-shaped frame design, the Flexx is not only robust but durable. (HD frame comes standard with backrest rigidising bar)...
$1,995.00 - $2,362.00
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