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Mattress Toppers & Crash Mats

This mattress topper helps promote a deep, relaxing sleep by providing luxurious support to every area of your body. The 'egg crate' foam surface is designed to enhance air circulation, even weight distribution, and total body support by gently cushioning every body contour. Luxurious heavy-grade tr..
$129.00 - $189.00
Sink in, without sagging, to the 5cm mattress and feel the weight of the world disappear as the memory visco elastic foam contours to your body shape and diffuses pressure points. Tossing and turning, so common during pregnancy, is eliminated as body cradled throughout the night...
$295.00 - $450.00
The I-Care mattress topper is made from super high density 84kg/m3 Visco Elastic and responds to temperature and pressure. The mattress topper is made with advanced 50mm thick Visco Elastic foam that conforms to your body shape for all night comfort...
$370.00 - $550.00
The 2" Mattress Underlay is made of Economic 50 mm high foam. This underlay has "Bottoming out" protection for alternating pressure overlays...
The Mattress Crash Mat is perfect for safety around the bed. It is foldable and easy to store and reduces impact energy and injuries to the patient. The Mattress Crash Mat works best with beds that can be lowered when the patient is in them for additional prevention of injuries...
The Silicone Fibre Overlay is a unique overlay that helps to protect all pressure-prone areas of the body by reducing pressure, friction and shear, while enhancing comfort and promoting good sleep...
Theramed Cooling Gel Mattress Pad..
$199.00 - $375.00
The mattress pad provides an essential all night temperature regulation, can be used for long periods of time. This item must be used in conjunction with the HydroSense Unit and Remote. When a pad and/or unit is being stored or not used for a long period of time, it must be empti..
The Icare Fitted Mattress Protector has a 100% cotton terry toweling surface with a noiseless breathable PU backing. Designed in a fitted sheet style these protectors provide protection for the mattress from liquid and stains...
$40.00 - $65.00
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