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Transfer - Car

The Handy Bar inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame to help support getting out of the car...
The Auto slide is 48x48cm and used for turning from side to front in vehicle seat...
The Handi Soft Turn Pad is a turning pad used for helping someone getting into or out of a car. It can also be used to help patients when getting in and out of a bed or a chair...
The Swivel Cushion makes it easy to enter or leave a car as a passenger or a driver. Its soft cushions remain comfortable to sit upon for even the longest of journeys. The non-slip base keeps the cushions in place, they will mould to the shape of the bucket seat and still swivel easily. When en..
The Pelican Soft Transfer Belt is padded for comfort. The inside is a soft velour material. The outside is a nylon material and there is an adjustable buckle fastening which adjusts easily to fit a variety of people. The adjustable buckle allows you to keep it in the middle of the person when fasten..
The Romedic Easy Glide Transfer Board was designed to assist with sitting transfers from wheelchairs to beds, toilets, car seats and many other seating positions. The boards features include integrated handles, rounded corners and smooth-low friction top surface which together make sitting / sliding..
The EasyGlide Oval are used in pairs to facilitate positioning further back in chair. Using EasyGlide, a more active user can push or shuffle himself backwards in the chair, into a correct and comfortable position. The sliding boards are small and convenient, with soft, round shapes and smooth surfa..
The Easy Seat Belt Reacher attaches to the seat belt on either the driver or passenger side (front and back). It extends the handle of the seat belt and reduces the need to twist when reaching for the seat belt.The Easy Seat Belt Reacher is portable with no permanent installation required...
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