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Transfer - Bedding

The Handi Soft Turn Pad is a turning pad used for helping someone getting into or out of a car. It can also be used to help patients when getting in and out of a bed or a chair...
The Handi Turn is a turning disc which is helpful when transferring a patient to or from a wheelchair to a chair, toilet, commode, bed, etc.. The outer turning discs are made from plastic so you can use it in a bathroom. It should not distort if put on a wet floor, but be careful the inside bearings..
The Pelican Soft Transfer Belt is padded for comfort. The inside is a soft velour material. The outside is a nylon material and there is an adjustable buckle fastening which adjusts easily to fit a variety of people. The adjustable buckle allows you to keep it in the middle of the person when fasten..
The Romedic Easy Glide Transfer Board was designed to assist with sitting transfers from wheelchairs to beds, toilets, car seats and many other seating positions. The boards features include integrated handles, rounded corners and smooth-low friction top surface which together make sitting / sliding..
The EasyGlide Oval are used in pairs to facilitate positioning further back in chair. Using EasyGlide, a more active user can push or shuffle himself backwards in the chair, into a correct and comfortable position. The sliding boards are small and convenient, with soft, round shapes and smooth surfa..
The FlexiBelt Hug has been designed with horizontal handles that slide freely in loops to make the belt hug on to the user instead of sliding up during transfer situations. With FlexiBelt Hug, the caregiver can provide even more support without using more effort. ..
The Romedic Flexi Move provides a variety of uses / applications. It is commonly used to support client transfers from a bed, chair or wheelchair, or to assist moving the client higher up in bed...
With patient’s head on a pillow, slide shoulders across. Two carers can easily slide someone up a bed, each with a glove on one hand. Place a glove under heels when sliding someone to reduce shear...
The continuous tubes (40 x 40cm or 50 x 50 cm) help to assist someone to transfer using transfer boards, or for assisting carers to slide someone across or up a bed...
The Slipeze Slide Sheets are a patient movement device ideal for bedridden or incapacitated patients whilst in bed. The sheets are made from a water repellent, silicone polyester filament fabric and are the ideal solution when transferring or bed repositioning patients across or up and down a bed. T..
Easy Slide sheets in 145cm x 200cm. Use two sheets together, one on top of the other, sliding surface inward. Carers slide the top sheet in any direction. Or fold one sheet over to slide someone across a bed. With the carer’s hands on the patient’s hips and shoulders gently push them away from the f..
Continuous handles around 3 sides of the slide-sheet 90 x 200cm or 140 x 200cm makes it easy to grip. Use in pairs with the sliding surface face inward or use in conjunction with a normal Easy Slide flat slide-sheet 140 x 200cm.Wash at a maximum of 60°CDo not use fabric softener or chlorine..
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