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The Shear Comfort Sovereign Snug is a low profile moccasin style slipper designed to provide exceptional comfort in a pleasing design. The small, refined style of the Sovereign Snug makes it ideal for if you want to experience the added comfort of Shear Comfort Foot Care wherever you may go, whether..
The DiabPro Slippers have a narrower sole width compared to other Shear Comfort footwear, and has a posted support at the heel. This boot has a slimline design that makes it perfect for everyday use. The narrower sole and reduced bulk gives the boot a sleek look, and is designed for active users who..
The Wheelchair Cushion IT provides pressure redistribution for the wheelchair user. It allows greater freedom of movement by avoiding uncomfortable friction and shear associated with vinyl covers, and also wicks perspiration for enhanced comfort and skin protection. ..
The Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot™ features a rubber sole for use outside as well as in, plus an open toe for easy toe inspection, toe separation, and air circulation. The hook and loop straps around the heel and across the bridge of the foot allow the shoe to be opened fully and adjusted to ensu..
The Short Slipper Boot Classic has been designed to provide full foot protection, and is ideal for using indoors and in bed. The hook and loop strapping and tongue flap down the length of the upper part of the boot ensures it is easy to put on and adjust throughout the day or night, providing adapti..
The Slimline Wrap Around Boot 
has a narrower sole width and is more suitable for individuals who do not experience foot swelling. The Slimline boot has a discreet look and a lighter weight - great for more active users...
The Sheer Comfort wrap around boot offers full foot protection. The Boots low profile rubber sole makes the boot suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors. The boots comes with a hook and loop strapping on the heel and on the top of the foot, allowing easy adjustment...
$148.50 - $155.43
The Sheepskin Palm Protectors offer relief from curling fingers, hand contractures and cramping. The Palm Protector is put on over the thumb and around the hand, providing a cushioning pad for the fingers to curl onto, preventing the nails from digging into the palms, whilst also keeping the fingers..
Shear Comfort Heel Protectors shield the skin on the heels, and provide protection for existing damaged skin. The wool layer wraps around the heel and ankle, leaving the rest of the foot free to move. Seams are positioned on the exterior of the protector to relieve the skin from areas of high pressu..
The Shear Comfort Wheelchair Footplate Covers are made from Pressure Smart XD1900 Merino wool and offer pressure sore prevention and comfort. The Footplate covers need to be used with bare or socked feet or with footwear...
The Shear Comfort Calf Plate Protectors bring comfort and protection to otherwise unforgiving parts of the wheelchair. Elastic straps hold the sheep's wool pads in place, so you can enjoy extra protection and comfort in your wheelchair...
Shear Comfort Elbow Protectors provide unencumbered protection for the at risk elbow area. The thick wool (1900gsm to be precise) redistributes pressure and reduces shear while the heat dissipation and moisture wicking qualities provide added skin protection and ensure comfort in use. Sold..
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