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Jar and Can Openers

The One Touch Automatic Jar opener helps prevents twisting, pulling and pain. The jar opener is small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer and powerful enough for new, factory sealed jars. There is no bottle or jar too tall for the One Touch automatic jar opener. It's capable of opening lids from 30..
Opening stubborn bottle caps and jar lids has never been easier with the Strongboy 2 Jar Opener.The reinforced rubber strap easily adjusts to conveniently fit most size lids, up to 110mm without damaging the lid or jar. The Extra long handle is easy to hold and use, providing extra leverage for opti..
The Rubber Twister Jar Opener is a cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the inside to give a good grip for opening twist-off jar lids. The jar opener is suitable for tops 20 to 85mm diameter...
The JarKey Jar Opener is a design awarded jar opener that fits all traditional preserving jars. The JarKey is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the lid can now easily be unscrewed. The JarKey is made of high density ABS plastic in an elegant d..
A V-shaped coated metal opener with non-slip lining that is screwed underneath a shelf or cupboard. The jar is slid into the V until the lid wedges. It is then twisted to remove the lid. Suitable for tops 25 to 75mm (1 to 3”) diameter. ..
The Strongboy Jar Opener is an easy, pain-free way product to help beat those unyielding, un-openable jars. Just slip the strong-grip strap of this ingenious opener around your lid and then, using the extra leverage given to you by the long handle, twist the lid off easily and effortlessly...
The One Touch Automatic Can Opener II is Twist-free, Pull-free, Struggling-free and Problem-free. The easy to use can opener is compact in size, turns off automatically and has an enhanced reverse feature. The can open has an easy battery replacement compartment and leaves no sharp edges making..
The Spillnot Jar and Bottle Opener has three sunken cones of different sizes, lined with a nonslip material. When a jar is pressed in the appropriate cone, it is gripped, leaving both hands free to twist the lid. Can be used in conjunction with certain openers. Fitted with four non-slip feet...
Designed for individuals with limited hand or finger strength, this lightweight, handy helper concentrates the power of the entire hand onto its slip-resistant jaws. Opens bottles, jars, doors, childproof medicine bottles etc. It can pick up items that are paper thin to 100mm (4") thick. Made from h..
The Ring Pull Can Opener is designed for opening ring pull cans. The can opener is extremely easy to use! Just hook the end under the ring, fold forwards and then roll back. The Can Opener is suitable for users either with arthritis or with a weak grip...
The adjustable jaws of the One Touch Twizoff Bottle Opener easily fit to the required bottle size making it useful for most size bottles on the market. This Bottle Opener is ideal for anyone with weak hands or a poor grip such as the elderly and arthritis suffers...
The Dycem Non-Slip Bottle Opener is the perfect fit for opening any bottle. Get a firm grip with our non-slip bottle opener, an invaluable daily living aid...
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