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The Analogue Calendar Clock has a large 30cm diameter analogue wall clock combined with automatic calendar (includes leap year). The clock is made with reliable German movement and is easily viewed from 30 meters distance...
The Automatic Calendar with clock is the ideal Day-of-the-week reminder. The clock can stay freestanding or be wall-mounted. The clocks automatic date includes leap year and is perfect for people with impaired memory...
The Day of the Week Calendar Clock is a large automatic calendar clock with the day of the week spelt in full. The clock is made from reliable German movement and is easily read from 40m distance...
The Digital LED Calendar Day Clock is a simple & easy set up out of the box. The Day Clock has easy to read text & font and non-abbreviated day, date and time to reduce confusion,The Digital LED Calendar Day Clock can be set up using one of the 9 language options:English GermanFrenchSpanishI..
$198.00 - $235.00
This compact-talking clock has a female voice and clear LCD display, back light in green. It speaks and displays the time, together with the temperature in Celsius or Farenheit. It has a large button on the top to activate the back light display and speak the time and temperature. ..
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