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The Elastic Shoe Laces are 60cm long and come in a pack of 3 pairs...
The Tylastic Shoelaces eliminate the hassle of tying your shoes every day in the morning. This daily task can be difficult when you have limited mobility or hand function. Tylastic Shoelaces are the ideal accessory for elderly, handicapped, or disabled users. This independent dressing aid is excelle..
These elastic based laces do not require tying. Lace the shoes up and release the laces at the required pressure and the lace will coil to keep in place. Ideal for those who find it painful to bend and tie traditional laces. ..
The Toe Washer with cloth pad has a long stem with a plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes. The product comes with a spare pad for the Toe Washer...
Spare pad for Toe Washer. A long stem with a plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes...
The Spenco Chair Pad makes any chair, seat or car sitting surface more comfortable. The silicone coating on the pad lubricates each fiber to reduce friction and shear force while preventing moisture penetration or retention...
The Shower Sandal Foot Scrubber effortlessly cleans and massages your feet and feels amazing.  The foot scrubber requires no bending or stretching to use and has small suction cups the affix easily to the shower floor...
The Suction Brush for Nail Dentures  is mounted onto two rubber suckers for attaching to a smooth, non-porous surface eg, sinks, tiles. The brush allows one handed cleaning of nails, dentures, vegetables etc. ..
The Comfi-Grip Foot Clean is a washing device with a shaped sponge to enable easy washing between the toes. An excellent bathing tool to keep a healthy foot hygiene in the shower or bath. The foot cleaner is useful for people who have difficulty reaching their feet for clean..
The Comfi-grip Sponge attaches to the long handled Toe Washer from Comfi Grip. The replacement sponge will enable easy washing between the toes. ..
The Buckingham Easywipe grips the toilet tissue firmly and then release it cleanly using a simple push-button mechanism. The Easywipe removes the need to touch the paper after using, which can be one of the drawbacks with other devices, which require you to remove the soiled paper by hand...
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