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Light Rehab Power Chairs

Jazzy Air


The Jazzy Air elevates in just 16 seconds to the primary standing height position allowing quicker access to your environment. It safely drives 5.6km while elevated, enabling you to socialize with other at walking speed.

The seat and integrated footplate design provides maximum comfort in both elevated and non-elevated positions.
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DVA Approved

Karma Ergo Traveller KP10.3


The Karma Ergo Traveler is the model of choice for lightweight and portability.

The brand-new highly user-friendly Karma Ergo Traveler can be quickly disassembled to fold able seat, base and battery pack in 30 seconds and fits easily into your boot.

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DVA Approved Available For Hire

Karma KP-25.2

$4,357.50 - $4,845.75

Easy access with longer driving range. The "KP25.2" has a foldable frame and a comfortable seat, the user of the KP25.2 will find this wheelchair great value.

It's designed to provide easy access and removal of the batteries, making transport even more convenient.

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Pride Go Chair


The Pride Go-Chair comes in a bold new style available in a choice of contemporary colors. Enhanced performance and comfort, along with feather-touch disassembly, allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go. 

With an increased weight capacity of 136 kg and a sleek, bold look, the new Go-Chair makes travel easy.
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DVA Approved

Pride Go Chair



The first travel chair that combines super portability, maneuverability and style at a low, low cost.

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DVA Approved

Jazzy Select 6


The Jazzy Select 6 provides maximum from stability for superior performance indoors and out.

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Jazzy 623

From $6,795.00

With features like standard 4-pole motors, Mid-Wheel 6® drive design and ATX Suspension, the Jazzy® 623 is engineered to meet the needs of the most active user. The Jazzy 623 comes standard with high-back seat and Dynamic Shark controller to deliver exceptional performance capability at an excellent value.

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