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Sun Canopy


The sun canopy is designed to protect you from the harsh sun. Although it is not a rain canopy, it can help to keep also keep you dry when it rains.

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Scooter Pod


The scooter pod aids users to carry belongings in a sturdy rear case. It has been designed for larger scooter models and is key locked for extra security.

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Oxygen Bottle Holder


The Oxygen Bottle holder can carry a 406L oxygen bottle. It fits easily onto the scooters tow bar.

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Crutch Holder Dual


This double cane or crutch holder allows you to take your canes or crutches with you on the go.  It is compatible with all Pride Scooters and installs in the rear accessory hitch on your scooter.

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Visibility Flag


Warning flag to alert traffic and pedestrians to you and your scooter. Provides added safety especially when crossing roads and is highly recommended for all users. Included FREE with every scooter purchase.

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Single Walking Stick/ Crutch Holder


Available as either single or twin holders. Various possible fittings to suit your specific scooter and needs.

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Walking Frame Holder


Steel-framed holder adapted to carry any walking frame. Fitted to the rear bracket of the scooter or in combination with a rear carry bag.

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Rear Carry Bag


Sturdy, large, waterproof rear carry bag fitted over a steel frame and attached to the rear bracket of the scooter. Holds approximately 40 litres and is a must for all shoppers! Also available with side walking stick holder attachment.

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Oxygen Bottle Carrier


Various fittings available to suit the size and needs of the user. Fitted to the rear bracket of the scooter or in a combination with a rear carry bag.

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