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Lifting Slings

Oxford - Quick Fit Sling - GP

$350.00 - $399.00

The Quickfit Sling is an easy fit general purpose sling with no head support, it is designed to fit 85% of Clients. This sling has a fully padded back support integrated into the sling.

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Oxford Full Back Sling - GP with Head Support


The Full Back Sling is an easy to fit, contoured sling designed to fit 85-90% of clients. Similar to the traditional Quickfit Sling, however it offers greater comfort and negates the need for side suspenders. It has integrated, boned head support and leg padding as standard. Available in 4 or 5 sizes dependant on material choice.

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Oxford Comfort Sling


The Comfort Sling is an easy to fit, contoured sling designed to accommodate 85-90% of clients. It is used in conjunction with a 4-point cradle which is designed to position patients from either a seated or reclined position. When fitted to the patient, the sling is connected to the cradle by using the patented Securi3 clip system.

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