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Tilt and Recline

Available For Hire

Tilt Folding Frame - Karma VIP-515

$40.00 per week

Designed for excellent pressure distribution!

This revolutionary wheelchair finally comes out on the market!

The brand-new VIP 515 uses exclusive perfectly-matched gas struts for an intelligent centre-of-gravity weight shifting seat to provide wheelchair users a wide choice of tilt-in-space angles and reaches unprecedented pressure releasing effects to reduce the risk of bedsores.

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Available For Hire

Tilt in Space Fixed Frame

$50.00 per week

Tilt in Space fixed frame wheelchair is an aluminium-based wheelchair that features manual tilt and recline functions of up to 30°. The ergonomic seating system offers an adjustable headrest as well as extendable, height-adjustable and detachable armrests. The Spring also offers a height-adjustable backrest with push-bars,

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