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Jay Cushions

Jay Basic


A soft, mildly contoured foam cushion designed to provide stability and comfort for the person with a flexible posture at low risk for skin breakdown.

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Jay Lite


The JAY Lite was designed through the careful consideration of the science behind seating.The result: An extremely lightweight cushion that features superior pressure reduction with microclimatic heat and moisture dissipation. The key features of the JAY Lite that provide these great benefits include 3DX™ microclimatic spacer fabric, airflow base, and OptiWell  pelvic loading area. It’s the perfect cushion for users on the go.



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DVA Approved Available For Hire

Jay 2 Cushion

$882 - $1020.00

The Jay® 2 Cushion is the industry leading adjustable fluid cushion, low maintenance cushion designed for the person at high risk for skin breakdown. Custom cuts and modifications are available to meet specific client needs.

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DVA Approved Available For Hire

Jay 2 Deep Contour

$920.00 - $1172.00

The J2® Deep Contour Cushion is an ultra lightweight, pre-contoured foam base with a 3D Jay Flow™ Fluid Tri-Pad. It is designed for the person at extremely high risk of skin breakdown, who also seeks unparalleled comfort and stability.

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Jay Fusion

$820 - $995.00

The Jay Fusion is an adjustable cushion that has been designed for skin protection that is comfortable, stable and supportive.
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Jay Union Cushion

$488 - $590.00

The Jay Union is a versatile, comfortable, skin protections and positioning cushion composed of a dynamic fluid and foam layering system, moisture resistant inner cover and an anti-microbial outer cover.
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