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Protectors, Stockings & Wraps

Jobst Ulcercare - Closed Toe


The JOBST UlcerCARE is designed for maximum patient compliance. It enables effective management of venous leg ulcers while offering ease of use at the same time - the perfect combination for providing patients with a higher quality of life!
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Jobst Socks - Black


The Jobst Socks take the physical discomfort out of travelling. The socks help reduce the health risk associated with long distance travel by preventing swollen ankles and feet and reducing the risk of traveler’s thrombosis. 
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Venosan 4001 Thigh Top Closed Toe - Medium


These compression stockings provide a moderate level of graduated compression while still giving you great looks and exceptional comfort.

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MacMed Dermis Plus Gel Strips


Dermis Plus Gel Strips are indicated for pressure offloading in patients that are medium to high risk of developing compromised skin integrity issues such as pressure ulcers, skin tears or calluses due to unrelieved pressure, shear and friction.
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Body Assist Posture Improver Brace


The Body Assist Posture Improver Brace is a lightweight posture improvement device designed to assist with  ‘Round Shoulder’ Syndrome.
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Oppo Cervical Collar - Medium


The Cervical Collar is completely height-adjustable to provide desired flexion or extension positioning. The vinyl-covered foam padding provides patient's with comfort and is easy to clean. 
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DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevator


DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevators have been designed to elevate the heel and cover and protect the boney prominences on either side of the ankle. 
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