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ETAC Beauty Kit


Code: 4-E080210066 The Beauty kit contains three beauty products;  - Beauty Body Washer, 38 cm (...

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ETAC Beauty Comb


The Beauty Comb's are curved for the best comfort and control when combing/brushing the hair. The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip. The Beauty comb and hairbrush come in two lengths. The shorter version is recommended when the user can reach up to the ear. The longer version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder.
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Etac Hair Washer


The Beauty hair washer substitutes the fingers to apply shampoo and massage the scalp. The shaft and handle are of the same design as the body washer, making it easier to reach the head without strain on the hands, shoulders or arms. The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip.
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Long Handled Style Comb


The Long Handled Style Comb assists those who cannot raise their arm or reach behind their head to comb their hair. 
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Long Handled Sponge


Sponge on long coated wire with plastic built up handle. The wire is flexible enough to bend to any shape to make reaching easier.
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Toe Washer with Cloth Pad


The Toe Washer with cloth pad has a long stem with a plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes. The product comes with a spare pad for the Toe Washer. 
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Replacement Sponge for Toe Washer


Spare pad for Toe Washer. A long stem with a plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes.
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Homecraft Bottom Wiper


The Bottom Wiper has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper, mounted on a light alloy curved handle.


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Dr Jospeh's Diabetic Foot Kit


The Foot kit is perfect for hygiene, inspection and care of the lower leg, ankle and foot. 

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Easigrip Scissors

$28.70 - $36.10

Codes: 45mm Rounded - 4-AA6710 45mm Pointed - 4-AA6714 75mm Pointed - 4-AA6716

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Contour Tap Turner


The Contour Tap Turner is an adjustable, moulded plastic, lever handle style tap turner designed for knob style taps. 

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Crystal Tap Turner


The Crystal Tap Turner is uniquely designed for crystal tap tops. Ideal for those who require more leverage when turning taps, this barrel handle is bring loaded, allowing the jaws to clamp down on the tap. The tap is gripped by rubber linings within the jaw, which is then locked in position.
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Tapturn Turners (Pair)


The strong moulded cross head tap turners hook over the top of a X type tap, making it easy to turn. The Tapturn Turners are perfect 'helping hands' for those with wrist problems, athritis etc. 

140 mm length (approx)
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Body Assist Squiz Egg


Squiz eggs build strength in fingers, hands, arms & shoulders.

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Key Turner - Single Key White


White Single Key Turner
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Two Key Turner


The Two Key Turner is designed for those with weak wrists or limited hand dexterity, this key turner has a generous curved built up handle for holding keys.

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Hot/Cold Pack

$19.95 - $30

If you are using the pack for hot therapy the product is microwaveable and if you're using the pack for cold therapy the pack can be placed in the freezer.

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Touch Lamp with impact Resistant Square Shade


The Touch Lamp has been constructed from robust shatter proof materials with a modern, stylish square design.

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Night Light 3 in 1 Utility


The Night Light 3 in 1 Utility plugs the unit into any power outlet and the LED night light automatically illuminates at night.

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Portable Sensor Light with AC Adapter (Batteries included)


The Portable Sensor Light can be used as an infrared motion activated light or set to manual for continuous lighting.

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Clothes Line Compact


The Compact Clothes Line is made from industrial-grade aluminium combined with weather resistant plastic parts and non-skid legs for optimum strength, stability and corrosion resistance.

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Rubber Backed Mat - Outdoor


The Rubber Back Mat is an ultra absorbent, extremely hard wearing mat made from polypropylene loop pile with a non-slip nitrile rubber backing.
The mat is specifically designed for outdoor use, the raised pattern is especially hard wearing and will not flatten.

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Rubber Backed Mat - Indoor

$49.55 - $69.95

The Rubber Backed Matt is ideal for prevention of falls in and around the home, the mat is manufactured from 100% skid resistant nitrile rubber backing and tufted nylon plus pile. Includes ultra grip cleats to minimise movement.

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Pelican Leg Lifter


The Pelican Leg Lifter helps people lift their legs on to or off a bed. The leg lifter is made from strong webbing with plastic inside to keep it straight, so the open loop can easily be placed over the foot when lying in bed.

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EssentiA Blood Pressure Monitor - Standard Medium Arm

The essentiA Blood Pressure Monitor, is built with an extra large easy to read screen, has a unique design.

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