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Bed Accessories

A tough plastic cone for raising beds and chairs 40mm raise. Diameter of well in top 65mm. Can be used in conjunction with bed raiser biscuit  Lifts the furniture 40mm...
$6.20 - $9.20
The MacMed Single Heel Wedge elevates the entire length of the lower leg avoiding pressure that could constrict arterial or venous flow, and effectively suspends the achilles and heel/s to alleviate pressure as well as to ensure access an aeration for draining ulcers...
200cm Safety sleeve for Accora Floorbed...
The Bed Pad Complete is designed so that if the user should raise themselves off the padded alarm situated on the bed; the carer will be alerted instantaneously. The Bed Pad Alarm is suitable for users who are at risk of injuring or endangering themselves by wandering unsupervised. It is ideal for&n..
The Bed rail removable drop side fits easily under mattress and the bed rail can be either locked up or dropped down when required. This bed rail can be used on a standard mattress and base bed...
An optional adapter for legs which would otherwise be too large.Designed to be used with the 40mm and 100mm Bed Raisers. The bed raiser biscuits are used when the legs are larger than 65mm in diameter...
The Cura Cordless Bed Pad is a wireless alarm system that helps to remove tripping hazards. The Bed Pad can connect to nurse calls systems.The bed pad is easy to operate and maintain and has adjustable volumes and tones...
The Cura Wireless Remote Alarm Option is a sensor device that sits underneath the mattress to detect and raise an alarm if a person has a seizure while in bed. An optional bed fall pad that sits above the mattress to detect and raise alarm if the person falls out of bed is also available. The system..
The Dermasaver Pillow Case is perfect for for outer ear protection and pressure reduction on the back of head. It has 5 layers of micro spring textile on top and sides to reduce pressure and shear on the back of the head and ears when lying down. ..
These side rails are available for the Walmsley range of beds. The side rails are easily fitted to the beds by two heavy duty clamps. Raising the latch, at the foot of the bed, allows the rails to fold down. Where an air mattress is to be used, a higher side rail set, with 4 rails, is available..
The I-Care Full Rail is a fold down mechanism made especially for the I-Care bed range. The I-Care Full Length Fold Down Rail comes in both right hand and left hand side rails...
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