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Bed Pans Urinals Grab Rails

The Economy Female Urinal has an integrated handle for easy use and a capacity of 1 litre. The moulded plastic has 100ml graduation markings on it and weights 105g...
The Female Urinal bottle spill proof has been shaped for female use.  ..
The blue Spill Proof Male Urinal does not spill if tipped over. The urinal holds 500ml and can be autoclaved.  ..
The Male Urinal with cover is a clear polypropylene bottle with a handle and snap-on lid...
Clear plastic Male urinal which can be autoclaved. ..
This Heavy Duty bedpan suits the K-Care transporter shower commode range. ..
The Slipper Pan is shaped as a wedge which helps assists in positioning pan for convenient use. The pan is integrated with a handle and the front panel prevents spillage when moving or transporting it...
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